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An International System


Maui Adventist Pre-elementary School (MAPS) is a private, Christian preschool located in Kahului.  But rather than existing as a stand-alone preschool, MAPS is part of an international education system - the largest Protestant Christian school system in the world.  Adventist Education is made up of nearly 8,000 schools worldwide, with over 800 schools and 76,000 students in the United States and Canada.  This vast network of schools is in existence due to our school system's long record of success.  In addition, MAPS is a preparatory school for Maui Adventist School, Maui's Adventist elementary school.


Maui Adventist School, our Adventist elementary school on the island, was founded in 1935.  In 2011, a number of parents and educational leaders began working on a dream to expand Adventist education on Maui to include a high-quality preschool.  Over the next 2 years, a team of dedicated supporters built that dream into a reality.  In August of 2013, MAPS opened its doors for the first time.


School opened with six kids and has continued to grow annually.  By December of 2013, MAPS had 11 students, by the end of the 2016-17 school year, Maui Adventist Pre-elementary School was filled to capacity at 27.  


This growth can be attributed to many factors, but we know that the dedicated teachers, high-quality curriculum, and caring environment have opened the door for God's blessings to pour out on our school.


Now, we look to the future.  Our school is blessed to be operated by a school board in the same way many private elementary and high schools are managed.  This dedicated group of leaders, working hand in hand with our teachers and director, are now focused on finding ways to continue to enrich and expand the future of MAPS.


If you are looking for a school ohana, we would love to share our future with you!


“My son, Daniel, has gained a lot from attending Maui Adventist Pre-elementary School. He's way ahead in his reading, math, learning and social skills than the rest of his class. Diane, Jennifer, and staff are very patient and kind. I recommend Maui Adventist preschool to everyone who has a little one.

Rodney Bio



What We Do

Children need to be given the opportunity to love school, to love learning.  Too often, learning becomes associated with words such as "hard" or "boring".   At MAPS, we work hard to create an environment in which children naturally love learning.  The most important factor in that environment is the attitude and approach of the teacher.  Our staff pours themselves into creating that energetic, positive learning environment.


Of course, there are many other factors in creating a fun learning environment.  What other tools are used at MAPS to help develop a preschool full of kids who love school and who love to learn?


Guests and Field Trips


One of the best ways to get our kids excited is to get them involved in real experiences with what they are learning.  Trips to places such as Kula Country Farms, Keiki Playhouse, and the Maui Ocean Center help provide opportunities for such real-life learning.  In addition, we invite the fire department to come to the school.  During our time with the fire department, the kids are able to meet the firefighters and tour the trucks.  Their favorite moment is when the truck sprays water high into the air and the kids are able to play in the "rain".


Art and Play


Creativity is at the center of every child's learning.  The little ones love to create, imagine, invent, and pretend.  To help encourage and develop their creativity and put their energy to positive use, the teachers use painting, crafts, and other forms of art throughout the school day.  Of equal importance - often of greater importance - is finding ways to develop creativity and imagination in active ways.  To do this, play time is used for more than just a way to fill time.


Play is used to develop imagination through dramatic play - play that encourages students to pretend and imagine.  Students dress up in costumes, play house, and pretend to work at a variety of different jobs.  In addition, children can build their own little worlds using trains, blocks, cars, dolls, and more.  Outdoors, students can play on the playground, take part in water play, or dig in the sand.  Play time is used to intentionally provide exercise, release energy, and develop imagination and social development skills.



Naturally, academics are woven into all that we do.  Students participate in science discovery activities, using exploration, observation, and curiosity to learn about the world around them.  Math skills are developed through number games, skill activities, and hands-on tools.  In preparation for elementary school, children are given time to do learning activities on computer and iPad to help develop technology skills that will help them transition to the early elementary years.


Finally, students are taught how to read.  Maui Adventist Pre-elementary school places a high priority on helping students become readers.  Our school, and our reading teacher, Ms. Diane, have a very strong reputation for helping students become solid readers.


All of these academic areas are taught with a focus on keeping students interested, excited, and involved.  A child who is successful in their studies, but does not enjoy learning will struggle, despite their intelligence.  But a student who loves to learn will find ways to overcome challenges and succeed when learning becomes difficult.

"Where do I start? If I could give 100 stars, that wouldn't even be enough.  The teachers there are the best, especially Ms. Diane Nelson, my daughter, Alicia's, teacher! When she started there, beginning February 2016, she could not read, not write much, and couldn't do many things.  When we went to graduation, 2016, and I saw how good those kids could read, I thought, "Oh, I hope when my daughter graduates in 2017 that she will be able to do that.  And believe me, she did a great job! She reads books at the age of 6, does math, knows a lot of sight words, can write most of them, and she grew so much with knowledge because of her school and teachers, I only wish Ms. Diane could teach her till grade 5. I can recommend that school, it's the best, it's not only learning, it's playing games, having fun, even having green eggs and ham.  What more could parents want for their kids?  They are simply GREAT!"

"Thank you, Maui Adventist Pre-elementary School for the wonderful experience you have given Ashley. She has flourished under your care and we are just delighted with her growth. She has excelled with her academics, beyond preschool level and kindergarten in some areas, and has a strong appreciation and love for the Lord. All the kiddos there are so fortunate to have teachers like you. You are very kind, caring, patient, dedicated and so loving. I believe any student under your care will have a wonderful preschool experience that any parent would appreciate and love. Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to each child, especially Ashley. You guys are the best!!!"

Tracy Piligrin



Anthea Schmidt



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